Acoustic Neuroma Support

Who or what is BANA?

BANA - The British Acoustic Neuroma Association was formed in April 1992 when a group of patients and carers were introduced to each other in a Nottingham Hotel conference room. From the outset the aims and objectives of the fledgling Association were to give support to sufferers, to provide information and ultimately to promote research about the condition and its possible effects.

In 1997 we received 3-year funding from the National Lottery Charities Board which enabled us to set up an office and employ a full time Co-ordinator. We are now funded entirely by membership subscriptions, donations and our own fundraising efforts. We now employ a part-time Office Administrator and a part-time Co-ordinator to run the office in Mansfield, Nottingham.

Becoming a member of BANA has many benefits including receiving copies of our quarterly magazine, Headline News which carries reports from branch and support group meetings, articles by medical professionals and other members. We also have a register of members who are happy to give telephone or email support to those needing someone to talk to and a website with a Members' Section which includes an active discussion forum, countless articles by professionals and members and an extensive list of UK Treatment Centres with questionnaire replies giving details of the number of patients they have treated, the different treatment options they offer, the names of practitioners and other useful information.

For further information please contact the BANA office on 0800 652 3143 or visit our website at


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