Hi new here - I'd like some advise if possible

I'm worried about my husband. His mood is becoming gradually and progressively more unpredictable.

He is otherwise gentle, kind and loving - we are a happy couple with few things to worry about. St times he seems subdued with little motivation, but then don't we all. However he seems to have an alter ego. His other self is tense with a short fuse - anything will trigger an aggressive rage. He will slam things, storm about and rant at me. At the time he believes his behaviour is totally rational and there is absolutely no reasoning with him.

I recorded an episode recently. When I played it back to him, he was horrified. He said he had not been aware of his behaviour at the time, that he had no idea why he had acted that way.

He completely accepts that he has a problem of some kind. His acceptance of his problem doesn't stop him though. He has a period of 'normality' then quite out of the blue, tension will build in him until the point where he rages. This cycle of calm and rage repeats every few weeks. Sometimes two weeks sometimes more.

I'm exhausted with it all. To say I'm worried is an understatement. The description that best fits him is Bipolar.

I'd so appreciate some advise

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  • Hi,

    Well it sounds like you're doing ok, by him admitting there is something wrong.

    Probably your next step should be to go and see a GP. Probably be a good idea for you to go along also yay as support and Also it's hard to remember everything on your own.

    Hope this helps

  • I agree with LostatSea, if you want advice, then your next step should be to see a GP together. You should also take the recording, if your husband agrees, so that the GP gets a better understanding of what he is dealing with.

    Good luck, I hope that things sort themselves out OK

  • Hello,

    I also have to agree with the two replies you have already had. First stepis seeing your GP. I had similar symptoms to the ones your husband is displaying. Mine had continued for many years ( I' m now 50) and everyone just put this present patch down to the menopause which was subsequently ruled out . I hav triedmantimdepressants which didn't help so the dose was increased but this sent me Hyper which in itself was indicative of bipolar. I have sleep problems , rritability, racing mind, depression all of which can come and go in ,hours, or days.,I was referred to ma psychiatrist who was lovely and who is going to try different meds.mi pressed formamdiagnosis which he admitted he would be loathe to give after only one consultation although obviously again the symptoms do indicate a bipolar type disorder. Unfortunately I hav had many other problems through out my life, starting in teenage years which has exulted in me acting in very destructive behaviour. So itmseemsmi may also have some kind of underlying personality , disorder/ traits which can cause great distress to myself and others around me. Please get you husband to see a sympathetic GP if possible, it could be something like stress even but until he sees a doc it's unlikely anything will improve. Please tell,him that if the doc is unsympathetic and just doles out a prescription for anti depressants or diazepam and this doesn't work for your husband , tell him to push for a consultation with a psychiatrist. Hi health IS important, waiting lists can be long so please get the ball rolling. You don't say how old you are but I feel I've wasted so much of my life by just trying to carry on without seeking help and have caused distress to those around me because of this. Don't wait too long!

    Very best regards,

    Carol xx

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