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I know I'm trans but no one believes me, Help?


I came out as trans two years ago, and I changed my name during sophomore year. I was so happy, finally. This was apparently so bad to my mema that she freaked out, and after a few months I was forced to change schools. Now in this new school, I've been here for a few months. I was told I'm not allowed to tell anyone how I feel. I went by Rin, cut my hair shorter and wore sports bras back at my old school. I miss being able to do that. Would it be okay if this was my safe space?

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Welcome..in times like this/coronavirus..we all need a safe place n someone to listen😁

hi and welcome to you this is your safe place.

Hello, Rin. It's glad to see a lgbtq-person here. I'm non-binary, and I even don't wanna came out to my relatives. I had changed my name too, they deadname me just because they don't know about changing. But I'm sure if I'd say it nothing will change, they won't understand…

But I understand you. I will be happy being your friend and listener!

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