Standing Up To A Bully

Standing Up To A Bully

How do you stand up for yourself against a guy whose arms are twice yours' and a super high self-esteem? I've made a few mistakes in my life, just like everyone else. But I don't think that justifies the merciless beatings I've been taking from the same guy for the past 2 years. I can't go to certain places because I might bump into him and the prospect of that happening scares the holy ghost out of me. A few weeks ago he beat me up black and blue. My right eye was swollen and I didn't have full control of my neck. I'm just gonna leave the part about the bloody nose and mouth out. He's not a bad guy, he's friends with a few friends of mine and they get along fine. What can I do to stop him from beating me up again? I'm scared of going to the police because he comes from a family with deep pockets - what if they bribe the police and he doesn't do any jail-time..?

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  • I have never experienced anything compared to the likes of what you are going through , but know that you are in full control of your life whether you think it or not. My own 16 years of experience would advise you to not give in to whatever the sorrow in your heart is telling you to do. Life isn't a Spiderman movie, so I know that you can't just wait for a fortunate circumstance to save you from your schmucky life. Try to turn things around yourself by making new friends or going without until you can enter a new ventricle of society, like by going to college or graduating school.

  • agree with kustinaim that you need to find some new friends if your current friends are prepared to see this man treat you in this way. What do they actually say about the way he is treating you. Sometimes it only takes one person in a group standing up to someone who is behaving in an unacceptable way to start turning things around but the way most of us work in groups is one of conforming so if no-one stands up for you the behaviour is going to continue.

    Not sure where you are based so not sure how real your fears about bribery are but the behaviour you are being subjected to isn't behaviour that should be tolerated. Jail isn't the only 'punishment' - some for of mediated restorative justice might help - if only to get to the bottom of why he is treating you like this as you are never going to be able to change things until both of you understand what is really going on.

  • That's true. Thank you so much

  • Well anyone who does that is a bad guy. You appear young and have your life ahead of you. I moved from Chicago to San Diego then on to Phoenix. Is there a requirement that you stay where you're at? Honestly, I'd just leave.

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