fear of going back to my old ways

i see myself in little steps going back to old ways with little things reminding me of what happen before i got signed off. I don't know what to do I'm taking paracetamol and codeine when i don't need it but i don't have any memory of taking it i went through 2-3 packets already

I don't know what to do do i mention to the manager i'm scared they might think i'm just being silly or something.

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  • Hi. Sorry that you're feeling like this. I can't really comment too much as I don't know you're situation. But have you thot of keeping a bit of paper or a wee note book with your tabs, & just jot down when you take them. You will be able to keep an accurate record that way

    If you have time you could also use it like a diary. Jot down how your pain etc is and how you are feeling mentally too. Don't know if this would be of help you too.

    Take care. K.xx

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