NHS is a joke

Had appointment with ENT Friday bad move really upset me.. Was running one and a half hrs late.. I was in all of 30 seconds he said you have come re yr ear i said no lump in mouth he said go back to gp get re refereed for lump in mouth.. I have waited 6 mths for an Ent appointment... I asked before i left could he suggest and thing for MR T he said its all in yr head and if you dont forget about it you will end up seeing a shrink... I got up walked out but called him a nasty B****** before i shut the door.

Hope every 1 is having a well and nice weekend xx

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  • Hi. So sorry you had such a bad experience - I wish you well , only wish I could also say I was surprised. I am not at all. I don't know what people with tinnitus have to do to get medical / NHS support - starting g with basic understanding and courtest. My ENT consultants letter after my appointment was so wrong the medical secretary had to get him to redo it ! I know have both copies and wonder if I should go to PALS .This doesn't help you, sorry. One of my hopes is that when ( if ever ) I get a bit better I will campaign for better services . Hug to you ☺

  • All my appointments with the NHS have been awful... But they have done all the tests MRI and ct scans to make sure nothing on the audio nerves its all down to my tmj and thats never going to get better so i guess im stuck with Mt T x

  • Hi Gail,dont forget to get fitted with hearing aids,reduce T volume by about 50% regards

  • if you do let me know!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am so sorry you have had this experience. I have had awful experience with the NHS and have only started to get anywhere with my tinnitus since I went to see private consultants. It was infact an NHS doctor that perforated my eardrum and caused my tinnitus in the first place!

  • Mine is due to have tmj of the jaw just had a jaw wash out hoping it would ease it but no joy what i would give for 1 day with no noise xx

  • Michael Lee on this forum is usually a source of very wise counsel and will tell you that the NHS is the best source of help & support for T, but I definitely haven't found that & it seems that many others have had similarly dispiriting encounters with the NHS. I've been effectively told to go away and learn to deal with it myself. Tinnitus just isn't enough of a priority for them to allocate more resource to it.

    It is obscene that in one of the 'richest' countries in the world, where £50bn can be found to get to London 30minutes quicker (HS2) and £20bn can be found for new submarines to drift around threatening people with pointless weapons that will never be used, health services are being farmed out to private companies to pick & choose which services they want to provide.

    There's no cure for tinnitus, so there's no money to made from it, relegating it to the back of the Q for NHS purposes at least.

  • hi ruud boy. idisagree about the money thing. i spmetimes wonder if the PURPOSELY DONT find a cure as theres lots and lots of pvt firms making money out of T. sufferers every day and to find a cure would ruin theyre busness . they have at least one beside me in edinburgh through spire pvt healthcare charging extortianate prices for so called help devices, thousands of pounds that you pay up front(on easy terms) and if it doesnt work theyll take it back and refundSOME of the cost???????????????? i think all of us sufferers shold start some kind of lobbying or complaining ora movement to heighten awareness and the pain and torture that T. can bring as so mnay are totally ignorant of it EVEN THE BLOODY G.P.S!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAW.

  • Totally agree with you.

  • sadly there are quite alot of e.n.t. clinics that are totallyignorant non compassionate and cheeky. im sorry to read you have attended one i had bad exp with my local edinburgh one too so it seems to be rife in the nhs try and get your g.p. to act for you demanding a second opinion and get reffered to another hosp, i did and got a great audiologist to see me sadly he died but i still attend that hosp 40 miles away as i wouldnt go near edinburgh now, your exp. is really bad though not surprised you swore at him! take care craw.

  • Hi Drumcraw, Thanks for yr reply we only have 2 hospitals here and been to both of them 1 to have my mri scan and ct scan then got results at other hospital seen both audiologists at both hospitals and both ent drs but the last 1 took the pee sure hope karma bites his bum lol.... Will have word with gp see if he /she can suggest anything else. Hope your having a good night take care x

  • Hi Gail, sorry to hear all that, but it seems to be the way those of us with T are treated - badly! When I first got it and was suicidal my friendly GP shouted at me so loudly that those waiting outside would have heard, in my former days I would have reported her. We patients are always reminded that we have to treat the medics with respect and the next time this happens to me I will remind them that it works both ways. I have since changed to another practice which is far better - but still the knowledge of tinnitus is poor. And don't get me started on those rude ENTs!!!!! Love, Angela xx

  • Hi Angela, yah i use to have respect for drs but this 1 just pushed his luck didn't even bother to turn and look at his face when i said what i said lol.. My gp is a good 1 but im going to see if i can go to another nhs hospital out of town not sure if i can or cant xxx Hope your doing well xx

  • Just to say - I saw a local NHS consultant (not ENT - other health problems) yesterday and he was polite, taking his time to listen and offered me his best guidance for what should be done. I have yet to see a polite or interested ENT. Angela xx

  • Glad you got a good 1 same not more about and i must say the 1 i saw was English tut tut xx Sure hope he helped and yr feeling a bit better soon xxx

  • cant believe how were treated it s not our fault we have tinnitus but a doctor should not speak down to you, it s very hard to explain to people how it feel s so they have no understanding and your just ignored you , I went the hospital but they helped me as much as possible but I find only way is live with it you wont win and no one can help but a good support group make you know your not alone

  • Thanks for your reply life sucks at the moment but as a friend says on wards and upward not going to let a snooty ent dr tell me its all in my head and going to end up needing a shrink.

  • Hi Gail. That sounds really awful. You should get in touch with the hospital and complain. Everyone should be treated with respect, especialy by health professionals. Everyone is also entitled to a second opinion. Ask your GP for an appointment at another hospital. I hope you are ok and get the help you need.

  • Hi Spikekie, Thanks for yr reply we get to an age where the NHS just doesn't care its a case of go home and get on with it, for example my jaw wash out for tmj they said i had to have it done before they could do anything else i saw a surgeon before i went in for op i asked what would happen if this didn't work, His reply was well it would mean open jaw surgery its a long hard operation, cost a fortune then he said and, and stopped i finished his answer for him and my age he just said yes. I just cant get my head round how people are left to suffer Tinnitus is an horrendous thing there must be something that can be done for it. Have tried all the white noise pink noise etc etc had tv on in bedroom neighbour banged on wall cause i had it so loud nothing hides Mr T. People have told me forget about it and i wont notice it oh i have tried and tried keep busy people say im on the go from 5am in a morning till some times 8pm so i would say i am busy but Mr T is always there. Some days the gas oven looks so tempting but i guess we all have days like that i just plod on there are alot of people a lot worse of them me. I have been to both hospital where i live not our if my gp can send me to another hospital in another town but will ask. What really hurt at my appointment was when he said you will end up needing to see a shrink. Hope your having a good evening.

  • Try not to get too worked up about the notion of seeing a 'shrink' Gail. Many of the current tinnitus management techniques are based around psychological principles (CBT, mindfulness etc), so if your ENT guy can refer you on for some assistance or direction towards these aims, I'd suggest it would be worth trying. Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

  • He just made me feel as thought i had lost the plot so to speak lol settled down a bit since then lol will ask gp if there is another step or if its what every 1 says suck up and get on with it lol xxx Am a happy bunny today am off for 10 days sand sea and sun and Mr T can just go and do 1 xxx Hope yr having a good day ...

  • Have a fab holiday Gail. Love and best wishes, Angela xx

  • Thanks im just about ready to leave gonna be a long night lol xx

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