Strength from.nature

Strength from.nature

Thought of this groups members when I saw the tree earlier this afternoon . I have been hanging on with my finger tips this week and waning resolve as my tinnitus has got to the point I am joking I am the best person to be around if there is an electricity power cut such is the ferocity of the neurons firing in my brain and now shouting out to all my limbs and organs . An hour with my friend and her dog has given me some partial respite 💞 Sorry you will have to stand sidewas to see it !

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  • Sorry you're not having much respite from it Lindsay. Are you still on the anti depressants/anxiety pills? I do think that being on them pretty soon into my T helped to calm me and gradually quieten the T. I too had severe head pain which moved up and down my body too. Ps love the tree! Angela xx

  • Hi Angela. Hope you are ok. Thanks . I live the countryside and fortunately am not too far from several lovely parks and forests. I am afraid I followed my usual pattern of not sticking with it when this game got tricky. I felt the t had gone up , more hissy and that I was just too nervous to carry on. I think if I were not a sinGleneagles person, totally reliant on myself for everything I would try and ' ride the waves' to get to the calmer seas. I feel , and I am sure a lot of us may be the same , that if there was more certainly of the reason and a treatment it would help.If I had the money , I would have lots of relaxing g facials and hot stone massages and a personal chef to make totally healthy meals . Aso I am.not , I just accept that I am probably just a coward , not like this tree at all ( but like the Tree that is telling symbol.of my abysmal Nottingham Forest Team !) Take care💞

  • Hi

    Beautiful tree, what part of Britain were you in, my heart goes out, you are beautiful.

    So are you Angela xx

  • Thanks. Nottinghamshire. We all plod on and at least I am able to get out into the countryside 😊

  • Lovely tree, sorry you are still suffering though. One wonders how we carry on coping with this beast but think we must all be very strong people to have to do so. Hope you get some respite soon. Love lesley xxx

  • Indeed we are. I was thinking yesterday what the definition of coping is . I guess to some extent I cope- still getting up each day , still doing some things I can sort of still sort of enjoy ( my work at the homeless , walks in the country side ), being there for my elderly parents and friends , paying bills etc. So maybe I shouldn't complain or worry. But it is all done in pain and constant effort to be chirpy. I do wonder if in a few years tinnitus will be like mental health is now - very slightly more ' publuc' and not dismissed 😊

  • I think we're all doing our bit to get it 'out there'. I'm being quite open with people at work, friends, family etc that I'm suffering pretty badly with the T and it's snowballing into what feels to me like a mental health crisis. I think a few years ago, I'd have been reluctant to use that phrase, mainly because I wouldn't have been confident that that's what was actually happening to me. Now, following all the campaigning about being more open about mental health issues, I don't feel I have to 'keep my chin up', I can just say hey I'm struggling here.

    In an attempt to try and maintain some positivity, I'm realising how lucky I am to not have struggled with health issues until this point in my life (43). Just seeing how many other Health Unlocked forums there are for myriad other ailments etc is a real eye-opener for me. I walk around the city centre now, looking at everyone and wondering what problems they're struggling with.

    We struggle together Lindsay.

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