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singing voices in my head ?

Hi everyone, I've had Tinnitus since last October and to make matters worse my hyperacusis which I've had for 20 years has gone through the roof as I'm getting some weird sounds in my head I've not had before. For example, last Sunday I did my usual trick to get some sleep: playing songs I like in my head to mask the roars of T & H in the background. It seems to work for me as I eventually reach a place called sleep. However, just as I was nodding off I heard voices singing from somewhere inside my skull and after around 5 or 6 seconds jumped up from my bed in stupefied with shock ! I felt I was going mad, it was so real. Have any of you guys had this experience ?

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Hello Blaze

Yes this is quiet common over the years I've had a Classical music blasting me awake, a women screaming I sometimes wonder if we store these I suppose you could call them recordings and we store them for some reason then our Tinnitus releases them can be scary at first .


Many thanks for your reply. It's nice to know someone else is experiencing this strange phenomenon related to Tinnitus. Yes, your right, can be scary at first.

best wishes !


Hello there - what you are experiencing isn't uncommon - it's called musical tinnitus, or musical hallucination (although I must stress it isn't a psychiatric issue!) We have an information sheet on the topic over on our main website at

You are not alone!


Hello, yes I had this happen at night and the first time I thought I had left the radio on. Then u realize that it is in your head. Very scary. I thought I was going insane and never told anyone because they would think I am crazy. I had this before the tinnitus. It was beautiful classical music. Wish I was a musician I am sure I could have made a lot of money with these songs LOL. I do not hear it anymore. But I have had other strange noises very loud wake me up. I do not understand this at all. But it is scary when u can not control your brain. Try not to think about it. Craziness. I do not tell people this stuff only here. What a group we are LOL


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