Dead hair cells

Hi All Did anyone read about the breakthrough made in regenerating the small hair like cells that cause hearing loss and possible tinnitus I think it was in the USA can't remember without searching for the article again, Apparently they have found a way of making these cells regrow and restore hearing loss this happens in animals but not humans, Trails have been very positive and a company has been formed to develop and supply the drug which they say will be available 2020 their is a chance if it restores hearing loss it may also BANISH "T".

keep on punching, all the best.


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  • No Sammie, not heard about that let us all have hope. Angela xx

  • Hi Sammie I read about it I would be suitable for that because my Left ear is scared and my hair phonicals I think I have that right have detoriated so bring it on David

  • Hi Davycrocket yes this procedure sounds very promising indeed, It sounds like your problem is very similar to mine, lets keep fingers crossed and hope it becomes available sooner than later.

    keep punching, all the best.


  • Not surprised these days with stem cell research even if your for or against it its when you need it then you take it right ..

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