Tinnitus on the BBC tomorrow (Sunday)

It's going to be a morning of raising awareness of tinnitus on the BBC on Sunday 5th February - and they will be discussing new news I can't tell you about yet ...

Tune into

BBC 5 Live Breakfast - 6.50 and 7.50 are the times we've most recently been given but it's been shifting about - our Chief Executive David will be interviewed

BBC1 Breakfast - David's going to be busy, as he's on here too - fortunately, they are only one floor away from BBC 5 Live!

BBC 5 Live Investigates - 11am

Please tune in, and if you use social media, interact whilst the programmes are running - they'll give you details.

I've got my alarm set!

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  • Woohoo...... going coppy and past this Nic to my fb page and tag everyone from our group etc.....brilliant...thank you for the update...now to let Dot know..x

  • Will do - thanks Nic xx

  • I have posted to my facell book. I don't have a huge amount of FB Friends ( luckily more in real life as am not really into it ) but theyou are a varied bunchanged including hairdressers, managers of homeless centre, professionall footballer so hopefully they will share. Must say waking to hear 5 Live and David Talking about it ( rather than hearing of my teams injury time winner yesterday ) was a bit disconcerting.Getting the balance of ' it's incurable ' and ' it doesn't have to ruin your life ' is a challenge we face daily as individuals and as an organisation .

  • On the BTA FB page it was on at 7.50 too - but it wasn't 😒 Will listen to 5Live at 11 on the hope it's on.

  • Unfortunately, they shifted the schedule around so cut us from the 7.50 slot!

  • Hi Nic, can you now impart the new news? Have been waiting all morning! Angela xx

  • This is the story that was embargoed:


    And can I just say thank you to everyone who contributed to the survey - I know a lot of you posting here did. Without YOU we would have had no story, and no press coverage. You are superstars!

  • Thanks Nic xx

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