Your chance to put your questions to Prof David Baguley

Your chance to put your questions to Prof David Baguley

As part of Tinnitus Awareness Week, Prof David Baguley, the world renowned tinnitus expert, is doing a live Q&A on Monday.

So now is your chance to ask him any question about tinnitus and tinnitus treatments. We already have "When do you think there will be a cure?" because of course that's what everyone wants, but now is your chance to put those burning questions to him!

Can you put your question in a reply to this post, and I'll pass them on.

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  • Prof David Baguley

    Is there any proof or trials on Nortryptaline in helping tinnitus ?

    Since my doctor put me on it my head tinnitus and deep drone has gone and took the edge off my high pitch tinnitus ...lots of love glynis

  • Thank you - good question!

  • Besides white noise does any noises like nature sounds if played just below your Tinnitus have the effect to reduce your Tinnitus noise?.

  • Thank you - I'll pass that on to ask David.

  • Prof David Baguley ,

    If you are waiting see audiology for white noise generators would a white noise app and earphones on the lowest setting set below your tinnitus help in the day and at work until you got them ?.....

    We are so lucky have a NHS and get help free but this is a question to help desperate people in early days till they see audiology who are struggling cope or are earphones a big no no......lots of love glynis

  • Should wng's continue to be worn once tinnitus becomes less intrusive or when habituation has occurred? Are they for life? Thank you.

  • I wonder how many employers there are out there, who dont have a clue how to help there employees who have tinnitus in there working environment Is there any chance the bta can develop guidelines for employers so they can support people with tinnitus in the workplace.


  • Why is there no clear "treatment " for tinnitus at your GP surgery. I have suffered alone for 17 years. Every time it's gotten worse and I haven't been able to cope my GP has never offered me anything other than counselling - no drugs, nothing. Why have I seen on the forum that other GP's offer certain drugs to get their people through the bad times. Is there any plan to offer guidelines to GP's when the times do get bad?

  • Morning Glynis. The tinnitus clinic offer a very expensive procedure called neuro modulation whats prof Baguleys views on this.

  • Morning Sammie, I have been to this clinic . Desperate times require desperate measures. I paid £250 for a consultation , being told it would be deducted off the treatment plan. All they do is find the pitch and tone of your T and set a masking tone to offset it. As my T is very unique , as I'm sure most are, they couldn't guarantee any "results", They said that if I was interested anyway it would be about £3,500 !. No guarantee and a licence to print money , they are preying on those who are desperate. I have since been able to cope using mindfulness, yoga and just try and get through each day- exhausting myself into a stupor so I fall asleep quickly. Not the best way to live but it gets me through each day. x

  • Hiya JaneMc16 Thanks for your response, I did have my doubts, but with this clinic being such a big concern with clinics all over the world including a posh address in London I thought they may just have something, 1 year ago I took part in a tinnitus trial and one of the audiologists spoke to her seniors on the subject of neuro modulation on my behalf and there advice was steer clear, but as you mentioned you will look at anything in desperation.

    I have just finished a book called (rewiring tinnitus by Glenn Schweitzer) its his personal journey with T and his success with yoga, So much like yourself .

    I hope to give it a try myself once I have learnt the practice. Thanks for the info and all the very best and keep on punching.

  • Is there something in the brain that they can turn off to stop this noise ?

  • Hi - this happened this morning and all of the questions and answers from David are on twitter, you can find them @britishtinnitus or by searching the #TAW2017 hashtag

  • Was nice see it on twitter and see my questions answered...lots of love glynis

    Missed your tv interviews

  • Are the q's and a's going to be on Facebook too? I am not on twitter. Thanks. Angela

  • There's a full transcript being prepared, which we'll share here and on social media and the website when it's ready. We know not everyone uses Twitter, and the Q&A was excellent, we want to share it as widely as possible!

  • Thanks Nic, can hardly wait ! Xx

  • hi, im a musician and have had T. for 4 years i still play but nowhere near as many nights as i used to was 3 nights evry week now once every few weeks i play with custom moulded ear plugs with a 26 db. reduction but my T. is still extremely loud sometimes after playing sometimes a day or 2 after playing, it is there every morning or when i wake! need pills to sleep. am i making it worse by playing even though i wear these ear plugs?

  • Sorry, the Q&A was Monday, so we can't put any more questions to David. I haven't read the transcript yet, but there may be a similar question posed there?

  • thanks very much, i hope so but dont think there will be,sadly i never knew about the q&a meeting

  • Hello everyone - just to say that the transcript from the Q&A is now available and on the website - you can find it at

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