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Patch on hand

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Anyone know what this patch is on my hand? Noticed it today …

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It looks like a hive, have you been bitten by something or had an allergic reaction?

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Jayde_96 in reply to KaspianSky

Hi Thankyou for replying, so basically i has a quick sunbed today …. First one in months, don’t do them often and it came up straight after x

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KaspianSky in reply to Jayde_96

Is the area raised or not? It could also be a heat rash so it might be worth putting a cool, damp cloth on it to see if that helps at all.

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Jayde_96 in reply to KaspianSky

Very slight raised x

I am not a physician, but given what you've mentioned, it's very likely a tanning bed rash. Make sure you wash the area with cold water and antibacterial soap. You can put an antibacterial cream on it as well as a natural moisturizer (those for sensitive skin are good, but natural aloe works really well also). Keep the area clean and well moisturized. If it is a tanning bed rash, it should clear up in a day or two. Do not tan again while you have the rash.

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