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Confused ?


I actually thought this is a depression support group.

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Why ?

There are other sections on the forum that cover anxiety and depression, but this area is for women's health queries (physical or mental).

It might be that you would get better support for mental health issues on the specific anxiety and depression support sections though :)

We 'll I thought it was the site people with lung and chest problems but it seems that anything goes, bit of a waste of time really. Take care, Lizzy xx

I don't follow you?

There are communities here for lung and heart problems on this site, it's just that this specific community is specifically for women's health. If you want heart and lung problems but not women's health, you can leave the women's health community and join those instead.

You can change communities if you tap on the grid of 9 circles at the top of your screen.

Shnookie in reply to Cooper27

My name is Shnookie and I am bipolar ADHD and belong to 3 groups. Women's health, ADHD support and Women's health and my bipolar is on the depression side. So if I can I'll try to give U support for your depression. I come from a long line of people on my mother's side of my family who unfortunately suffered bouts of depression. My mother was hospitalized twice for depression episodes. I was the only one who came to visit almost every day. This doesn't make me a hero but rather gave me a greater perspective into what this mental health disease this is about. Do

U have a therapist who U R in touch with on a regular basis? Do you have close friends or family members who U can reach out to. I know the feeling on laying on the couch for almost the whole weekend. This especially happened to me after my

mom died. I really feel for you what the depression manifests in a physical way or

drain the energy out of U. There is a group called NAMI that has locations all over the U.S. There R 15 minute sessions where U can talk to them. Truth be known it depends on the counselor that U R talking to, but usually very supportive. there is also a group called golden talk for people over 50 that is very helpful..They can give U resources as well. I don't know where U live but I live in the Los Angeles CA area

There is the DiDi Hersh mental health center, that provides support groups. In the

area where U live, call up your local universities or community colleges if they know of any support groups and if U have a therapist, he or she should know of support groups. Also if U feel OK communicating with me Shnookie, I check out my support

groups almost every days, so U can try to get in touch with me thru the ADHD support group, Weight loss group and women's health issues groups. I'm sure that there R people in the ADHD group who will be able to relate to U. Now especially

with COVID-19, there R special mental help groups being set up. I hope this was helpful. I'm in your corner Shnookie

Cooper27 in reply to Shnookie

Hi Shnookie,

Sorry to hear all you've been through. Did you mean to make this reply to me? I'm thinking it was meant for someone else.

Shnookie in reply to Cooper27

Sorry 😐 about that Cooper. I meant to direct it to so kime. Don’t know if she

read it. I started off joining the ADHD

support group because my ADHD

has become worse probably COVID

has added to it as well. It’s a stressful

time but I’m seeking employment. Sometimes I feel blue but I’m trying to take things one day at a time

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