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Time flies when you're having fun

January 10th 2017 I had a gastric bypass.

since then I've lost 12 dress sizes. Moved from Northampton to Cumbria and sold my mobility scooter. I walk for miles with my dogs every day, run around with my grandkids and I'm living my life instead of just existing.

I've had to change how I eat, I have a sugar and wheat intolerance but if that's what it takes to keep me in a size 8, sometimes size 6, then I'm happy with that.

My family have been brilliant, Ice just had my 54th birthday and not one of them tried to give me food related presents. My brother in law got me a silver belt buckle, me wearing a belt!!! I love my life right now and I love my body. That's the first time in my life that I've said that. 😄

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I have had all con's regarding my bypass. I had mine in 2014 and got hypoglycemia and severe anemia. I had a hernia repair and hysterectomy due to severe bleeding of off balance hormones. I've had a feeding tube placed in and in 2016 had a take down of my gastric bypass. I got very ill , I thought and looked like I was dyeing. Since my 2016 take down I have been doing a lot better, gained some weight back but my hypoglycemia is under control now . I still get iron Infusions every 2 weeks, my old stomach he reattached is not working. So I still eat very little. I wish I would have never did this surgery. It was all bad for me.


Oooh Pedi im so sorry you have had such bad outcome..😥 Is this a rare situation or common once surgery is done?i hope you get well soon x