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Pcos and gastric bypass

Has anyone got pcos and had gastric bypass. I'm in the process of being approved for gastric bypass, but have also been having some issues with abdominal pain, after a mri showing multiple Cysts on my ovaries ( they think it's pcos,I'm waiting for a gynaecology referral) and a appointment with a gp showing high blood pressure. I'm now wondering if the surgeon will still consider me for the gastric bypass,I had to lose 10kg before the next appointment but I'm really struggling, I've got 6weeks to lose something.

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Hi. I had a bypass about 6 years ago. For me it was the best thing I ever did. If you want to ask me anything feel free. Good luck with the diet x


I have pcos, was diagnosed with high blood pressure, had sleep apnea and diabetes. It's not always typical, but the day after surgery (late 2009) my symptoms of diabetes and hbp went away. (I have to watch for low sugars now.) About 2 years after the surgery I took another sleep study and that's no longer an issue. I have been between 171 and 197 ever since.

I lost about 50 lbs prior to my first appointment, then another 20 or so prior to the surgery, but I was only told to loose 10. If you'd like any advice, just reach out.



Im getting a cpap machine on friday. Im terrified as im claustrophobic. How do i cope