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One more tick in the box

Had my first tier 4 appointment yesterday. I'm an ideal candidate for surgery. Still got some hoops to jump through. The mdt a 5% weight lose on the milk diet and then it's meet the surgeon get a date and do the milk diet again for a pre op liver shrink. They think the waiting list will put me at about 6 to 8 months away. Just need to stay focused now. Oh and somewhere along the line I have gained an inch in hight. No idea how that came about but I'm now 5ft 1 inch. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend take care x

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Hi, I had the operation last October and have since lost 7 stone and feel like a different person, it's the best thing I have ever done 👍😀 I'm sure you will also feel much better xxx

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I am wondering if you can possibly help me I have my first tier 3 appointment on Friday and I don't know what to expect.


What does this mean tier appointments?