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Crisis what crisis, going vegan is the latest mid life crisis for men as is wanting to be healthier and fitter...πŸŽƒ

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Hi everyone,

Well this is in todays telegraph but is waking up to the realisation that we need to be fitter and healthier a crisis or is it really a financial crisis for the frenetic fast good Corps...🀒

I've been having crisis all my life as I suddenly have these brainwaves and get a bit carried away...LOL

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Ive heard it all now....let them call it what they want as long as they stop eating the innocent animals and they stick to it that’s all that matters. It’s probably their way of kicking back at veganism but it’s a bit weak. Veganism is a dietary choice, isn’t a mid life crisis when you buy a Harley Davidson and throw caution to the wind lol. 🏍 πŸ’¨

JerryGuest in reply to Agoodenough

Fake news or mid life crisis:

Boris Johnson demands a full English vegan berxit....LOL

AgoodenoughAdministrator in reply to Jerry



I found the original press release from bupa, it doesn't add much though

I think the best thing is it shows how being vegan is becoming more normalized rather than being seen as a fringe and weird thing - and that can only result in more people doing it

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