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Cube of Truth, Vegan world wide activist campaign 🌍

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Hi everyone,

This is something Andy brought this up and I think it is a very clever way to raise awareness and in a way that is dramatic and effective (it's in your face) and some of these people travel miles to take part, which shows commitment.

Really we have messed up the food chain, food distribution may be slick but we have these huge conglomerates so it doesn't matter whether you're in supermarket in Cornwall or Scotland they have the same goods and the same foot print so we've lost individuality for the sake of global markets.

And look at what's happened with processed food and processed from what...with MSG sugar and salt as taste its like a light is going off collectively and people are saying enough is enough and hence the ever growing interest in all things vegan and healthy eating coupled with a social conscience. Which all sounds good to me.

If any members have taken part in Cube of Truth then please do tell as it would be really interesting. And a photo would be really great.

Here's what the Plant based news say about the cube of truth, with amazing photo's:

And here's Cube of Truth in Australia:

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I haven't been on a cube yet. But one day...

Jerry in reply to andyswarbs

Thanks Andy, I'm impressed by it and meeting members of The Save Movement who were standing on crates photographing animals out side an abattoir and what this brought home to me was what happens after animals have been sold at auction and I think thats this is where things go horribly wrong for the animals and how they are transported miles. This coupled with battery chicken made me realise that enough is enough.

I approached them and had to say excuse me 3 times as they were so focussed on taking photo's of the animals suffering in the back of the lorry and this really brought it home to me that my vegetarian trial was over and I was committed. As their passion and commitment was a shining example to all vegan activists.

So if you do go on a cube of truth demo do please tell us and with photo's would be brilliant.

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