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Fi-Real a Vegan friendly cafe/restaurant in Bristol, whats your favourite vegan eating place?

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Hi everyone, today I was out shopping and bumped into William who runs Fi-Real in Bristol which is an interesting place to eat as it's Jamaican so it has a very interesting take on many food dishes and they cater for gluten free.

So here's a link and please feel free to say about a recommended eating place:

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That sounds really good, interestingly I'd give an honourable mention to an Afro carribean inspired vegan restaurant I often visit in brixton called Eat of Eden, their website doesn't really do them justice

My favourite place at the moment is just vegan friendly, foodilic in London and Brighton, where I get the most enormous and yummy salads

Jamaican food sounds great!😀 You gave me a great idea for the next few weeks for a dinner in the evening during the week. Thank you, Jerry! 😀👍

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JerryGuest in reply to Activity2004

And thank you Leah as Jamaican food is really good and full of flavour. 😊

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Activity2004 in reply to Jerry

You’re welcome, Jerry!😀👍

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I am jealous of people in Bristol, a real vegan masterclass.

Pho is a Vietnamese chain that they have across the UK. They've now got a vegan menu that has the most incredible vegan broken rice curry on it! would highly recommend!

Also, for anyone who's visiting London or is London based, Temple of Seitan (there's one in Camden and one in Hackney) do excellent "chicken" BBQ wings and mac and cheese. yum yum.

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Fantastic - Its great to see Vegan Cafes/Restaurants popping up all over they place.

Although Bristol is a long way from me, my favourite eating place is the River Green Cafe/Restaurant in Trowse, Norwich - not that it is close to me, but worth the drive : >

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Hi I live near Canterbury in Kent we are so lucky with our choice of Vegan places to eat and even have our own totally Vegan pub. The monument. Everything from the food to the cocktails is vegan.😀 We also have the Veg box cafe which is whole food vegan and amazing. Also another pub (you can see a trend building here) called Lady Luck that caters very well for vegans and has a vegan menu. Also by the sea in Whitstable a vegan restaurant called Potato tomato which is also amazing and any left over food, which I can’t imagine there is much goes to feed the pigs at the retreat animal sanctuary, which is also vegan, with a vegan cafe. Winner all round. How lucky are we!

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This sounds brilliant to me Agoodenough as you're spoilt for choice and pub wise too.

I nipped (walked) to my local shops this morning and I'm a coeliac so have to have gluten free and went in my local wholefoiod shop and came away with fresh gf vegan falafels and a couple of gf vegan chocolate brownies and thats what I call a success. 😊

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