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disappointing sunday lunch


With hindsight, sunday lunch might not be the best time for a vegan to eat out, but it was a nice restaurant that explicitly offered a vegan option - so what could go wrong? :)

I got mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli, tomatoes and mushrooms - could have been ok, but the tomatoes and mushrooms seemed to have come right from the tin, and the portion size was tiny (I counted four small mushrooms), like the chef was confused between a vegan diet and weight-watchers! So I left hungry and a bit disappointed :(

Also, like many places, the wait staff assumed its the woman that's the vegan and the man is the carnist, so I find a roast dinner plonked down in front of me before they even ask who ordered what.

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Wow! Didn't the wait staff write down what everyone wanted on the pad of paper they have in their aprons while going to your table? Is this the first time you've been to that particular place to eat and they don't know you that well (or at all)? When I go out to eat, I go to the places that I know certain waitresses are going to be really great and do my order exactly the way I have to have it done. This helps when I have a salad and I say that I don't want the bread (one place doesn't have gluten free loaves/buns). I go for the salads that don't have croutons mixed in or on top so I don't have to say anything about them and start removing them.

benwlVolunteer in reply to Activity2004

This was my first visit and seemed like there was a lot of staff but the one taking the order wasnt the same person who brought the food, and maybe didn't pay much attention to what was written down.

It's been a long time since I went to a place where the staff knew me (it was nice :) ), I think some of it is due to high staff turnover in the industry in the UK, and maybe not much training.

Activity2004 in reply to benwl

There’s a lot of turnover here in the USA, as well.

Hi Ben, I'd leave negative feedback warning others that they just pay lip service to vegans/special diets. I have a very proactive approach to my dietary needs and I vote with my pocket and my voice...and I'm sorry that your meal was a disappointment.

Jerry 😊

benwlVolunteer in reply to Jerry

I certainly vote with my pocket by not returning but I've never really bothered with feedback or complaints. I will start, and try and find then on tripadvisor as you are right, others should have a warning. Thanks for the nudge :)

Where was this?

benwlVolunteer in reply to Surreygirl74

It was in the Essex/London borders - not sure if I want to be more specific and shame them here :)


Thats not very good at all. Sorry you had such a bad lunch, it is always so disappointing and even worse if you were left feeling hungry.

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