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"Tracy's Little T Ball" at Ickworth House, in memory of Gordon, fundraising for Vasculitis UK

John and I just wanted to thank Tracy for organising a wonderful ball in memory of her partner Gordon, Gordon had a particular aggressive form of WG and was diagnosed in 1996. He died in 2006 but he enjoyed life and lived life to the full... :-)

This is the second ball Tracy has organised, but this one had a Nautical theme. This time John and I decided to take a few days break and support Tracy.

There were 132 people at the ball, Dr Richard Watts, Gordon's Rheumatologist Consultant at Ipswich Hospital, opened the ball and Dr Matthew Lockyer, Gordon's GP was the MC. Richard also gave a short presentation about Vasculitis and Matthew spoke about Gordon.

The band consisted of Tracy's friends and the singer was Dr Lockyer's daughter. The official photographer, Alison, a close friend of Tracy's took photos and another friend, Lesley-Ann created the table decorations.

Many local businesses donated 25 raffle prizes, which included a weekend break in a cottage, a new hairstyle, a Spa and a Pamper Day.

Even before the ball started Tracy received over £600 pounds in donations from people who could not attend the ball.

We really enjoyed helping Tracy prepare the ball room and we made so many new friends. John and I dressed up as Jack Sparrow (AKA Captain Pugwash) and his mate.. :-)

This was the first time Tracy and John had met and John was the only other person she had ever met with WG.

( Richard and John will be working together later this month as part of the British Society of Rheumatologists working group, updating the BSR guidelines for treating ANCA Associated Vasculitis.) :-)

There will be a full write up for the 2013 Spring Newsletter with official photos... :-)

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