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I have been in receipt of ESA contribution based since 2010. I had one medical assessment shortly after I had finished my cyclo treatment. I was put in the work related group with limited capability. The new legislation means this benefit has now stopped and due to my husbands retirement pension ans small private pensions we cannot claim ESA income related. I am now appealing but of course they are querying why I did not appeal earlier and demanading evidence from my GP. I have no problem with this but they are only giving me 14 days to produce theis evidence. I have been medically retired and now have just been awarded DLA for which we are grateful. I will have to wait another 3 years for my retirement pension despite turning 60 in October. I have written to my MP about the unfairness of the ESA assessment and the new legislation but am still awaiting a reply. Has anyone else experienced these problems and do you have any advice?

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BEEN THERE DONE, Emailed MP got two replys from house of commons saying there was nothing the could do its the same for everyone !!

Ive just sent my esa appeal in .and have to re apply Dla before aug ,have be on it for three years !

What level of DLA did you get awarded if you dont mind me asking .


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