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Chest Pain

Hi all, I've been diagnosed with GPA for nearly a year now, currently in remission (thanks to rituximab) but have been experiencing a real tightness in my chest which comes and goes. Its not my lungs as breathing is still normal

Doctors have previously said it could be musco-skeletal strain caused by damage to the muscle tissue when I had my first flair up. Its really tight this week, so was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and if so, do you have any remedies.. other than paracetamol...?


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Hello, I hope you don't think this is a banal answer...I have GPA with lung involvement too. I always find that warm damp / humid weather like we've had this week always makes my chest tighter (same goes for cold dry weather). It may be something you want to monitor for a bit to see if it's the same for you.


I was the same,I had an Xray and it showed a shadow then had a CT scan showing nodules started Rituximab that has so far reduced them.


John had this a few years ago , it was inflammation of the intercostal muscles. The doctors tweaked his medication and things improved. If it continues I would talk to your consultant again.

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I am in remission of MPA after having had Rituximab March 2015. I have had chest pain which I am always afraid that it is a heart attack. It normally wakes me in the early hours of the morning. i ease myself into a sitting position and take a soluble aspirin. The pain normally lasts a few minutes. When I first visited the GP with this about 10 years ago she said it was Angina due to anxiety. It feels that there is cramp in the heart. by the time I visit my consultant I have usually forgotten about it! One day, I must really get it diagnosed.


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