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Vasculitis nailfolds (picture attached)?

Vasculitis nailfolds (picture attached)?

Dear all,

Two weeks ago I made a posting about my health issues and had quite a few valuable responses (love this forum!).

Next Wednesday I have an appointment for a nailfold capillaroscopy. I'm looking forward to this appointment because I hope the results will contribute to a more specific diagnosis then UTCD and a good treatment as my health deteriorates further , even though some diagnoses are pretty scary. The capillaroscopy will be done in a different hospital as where I am treated by my rheumy because of the long wait I would have had in my hospital. My rheumy is on leave and her replacement (a doctor to be specialist) will see me the week after the discuss the results.

I really hope for a diagnosis and a treatment but before that I would like to ask your expertise and experiences about nailfold irregularities. I pasted four pictures in one collage about my fingernails.

My (little bit shiny) nailfolds are puffy, some are red some have more white surfaces, on all nailfolds I can see the capillairies with the naked eye and on almost all nailfolds I can see micro hemorrhages (see the detail picture of one them).

My nails show three colours in warm circumstances and in cold conditions they turn purple.

The pieces skin between the joints are a bit red but not always.

Please let me know if you recognize these as.... Please also see my health issues in my first post.

Wish you all much strength!


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I recognise what you describe but haven't had any specific testing. Put down to vascultitis and I take nifedipine in cold weather to manage raynauds symptoms. sometimes sore and can be unsightly when very inflamed but nifedipine and really good regular moisturising keeps it under control. Do you have high anti phospholipids? I do, hence vascultitis connection, and take regular aspirin. Not sure if this helps you in anyway but good luck on Wednesday


I'm looking forward to hearing your experiences - because that's what my nails looked like before I was put on prednisolone for polymyalgia rheumatica. My nails broke and tore a lot too. At higher doses of pred I had lovely hard nails, best of my life, but now at lower doses they are back to what they were. :-(


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