Diffuser for chest tightness

Hello everyone, wanted to share something significant ref my chest tightness. For yrs I've known eucalyptus helped with breathing & congestion but ws reluctant to try it ref my asthma. While visting the Health Arena store, I ws inspired to make the investment. They always hav a combo of eucalyptus & lemon oils diffusing at the register.. smells so good. Well I bought a diffuser, used 10 drops of 100% pure eucalyptus essential oil only and OMG - my chest feels great all day! I run it while I sleep until it shuts itself off abt 6 hrs. Wish I'd done this mos ago😊

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  • Thanks for the suggestion I'm having trouble tonight and I'm gonna try this!

  • Going to try this! I have asthma and the nighttime is the worse for me too. Thank you!

  • I use Young Living essential oils, and I love my diffuser!! It's good for so many things!! Put Lavender and Bergomot in it at night for better sleep.

  • Wow...a respiratory therapist in hospital suggested this. My daughter sent me an infuser and oils as a gift. I am trying eucalyptus today! Thank you.

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