The Depression That Goes Along With Asthma

Every person with asthma has their good days and their bad days. Often enough my bad days are my worst days, I grow tired of struggling to breathe while I watch my family go about their day unaffected from weather change or smoke or even perfumes. And I have to try a million and one other medicines some of which making me sick and dizzy. Only for them not to work. And sometimes I get so upset and want to just throw all my medicines out the window and stop taking it. I feel like screaming and ripping my hair out of my scalp, I sometimes wonder why I'm the only one in my family who suffers from this. Thinking it's gotta be super bad luck, then I break down and cry and thinking about how tired I am of it. I have my good days and my bad days, sometimes it's just really hard.

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  • Statfr, for so many of those reasons is why I sought out this very community. Non-sufferers really don't understand all the frustrations whn nothing seems to work. The expense, doc appts, testing and realization there's no cure is something I find hard to believe. Ive bn on 7 diff meds, 2 trial treatments and nothing works. My pulmonologist just told me I basically "have to deal with it" (It being my chronic cough associated with allergy induced CVA) and I find that unexceptable. Ive suffered with allergies for abt 50 yrs so I kinda thought later in life I wud hav some breathing issues. I cherish my good days and love up on my grandbabies as much as possible. On those bad days, Im mostly just pissed😬, but GREATFUL Im still here! Be blessed! Stay strong and we just hav to take it one day at a time🙏🏽 Btw - I wish I cud cry, but I get so damn clogged up that now I literally cannot breathe.

  • Thank you I'm really happy to hear from someone who goes through my struggles. And oh my god yes when I cry it makes it worst. My doctor said I have some nose allergy that makes my nostril glads tighten so everyday even after using nasal sprays that do nothing I can't breathe through my nose ever. One of the doctors I've seen said if I can get my asthma controlled then my nose my get fixed. I'm going to see a doctor in a few days and get a referral for a pulmonolgist to check my lungs, just gonna have to wait for now, one step at a time.

  • Thank you for sharing. I struggle to come to acceptance. It's as if I accept all of these bouts and increasingly aggressive treatments I will give in. This reaction is causing me more harm than good.

  • Hope you find a good pulmonologist.. one that'll really listen. Best of luck to you!

  • Same to you! :)

  • I was wondering if I should be worried that my left lung has been hurting for the past three days, mostly when I cough or laugh, today it happens a little when I talk. I was wondering if I should go to the doctors or wait and if It gets worst or other symptoms arise then should I see a doctor?

  • Starfr, I've never experienced pain in my lungs, but I do get chest tightness and a nebulizer treatment relieves that discomfort for me. I wud definitely make an appt with a pulmonologist to check ur lungs and see whats causing that pain esp since its bn 3 days already. Often that worrying creates more stress😬 Last month I hd swollen neck muscle frm all the coughing due to all the inflammation which made it extremely diff to swallow food. I literally cud not eat anything😬 I thought it ws a huge amt of phlegm stuck in my throat Omg! I kept trying to hawk it up all morng, but it only got worse. Made same day appt, whn the dr felt along my neck - I gagged horribly. He prescribed cough syrup (w/codeine), prednisone 20mg x5d and neb treaments. It took abt a wk before I cud swallow normally. Hope you feel better. Take care.

  • Sorry you feel sad, prayers sent, maybe you need an antidepressant? Try an oil cool most diffuser with eucalyptus oil while you sleep.

  • Cool most oil diffuser, look on Amazon or bed bath and beyond etc.,

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