Foods/drinks that help or hurt?

Dear asthma friends, I am trying to figure out what I might be doing to make my asthma worse. The reason is that when I had flu earlier this year and couldn't eat, drink anything but water, or do anything, my daily asthma symptoms were actually much better! Has anyone else experienced this? Does it mean there's something in my routine that makes the symptoms worse, and when I was sick I couldn't do or eat that thing? Any ideas or personal experiences welcome! Just trying to figure this out, knowing it sounds rather odd

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  • Every human is unique and so is each person's asthma. Staying well hydrated should help asthma. Avoiding anything (food included) you're allergic or sensitive to should also help. Exercise can make asthma worse, so inactivity could help for a short time. For me, getting a cold/flu usually means a week or two in the hospital due to my asthma.

  • Hello Katherinet, I have asthma too and find that when I drink anything other than water, I start coughing. Also, when I eat a big meal I start coughing. Sometimes I dread eating!

    Carbonated drinks and tea seem to make my throat tickle and starts me coughing.

    The doctor has prescribed meds for reflux.

    Hope this helps!

  • Thanks! Maybe I'll try just drinking water for a while and see if that helps. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts.

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