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Curiosity around reactions

I’m being allergy tested at the moment as I experience allergic symptoms but am unable to pinpoint them no matter how I try. Personally I’m thinking mustard!

Anyway, I experience wheezing, hives, itchy eyes and runny nose after eating a variety of foods and my allergy test isn’t until January. I was wandering what I’d look out for in terms of a severe reaction. Does your throat get sore, tickle, hurt? Light headedness, swelling?

I’d love to hear some stories of your experiences. I feel it will make me feel better prepared in a situation that may require immediate attention rather than just an antihistamine. Thank tou

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If the wheezing, hives, itchy eyes and runny nose occur after eating certain foods, then it's likely food allergies. These are all common symptoms. If there's also swelling, dizziness, vomiting, chest tightness or chest pain, these are signs of a severe allergic reaction. You should carry 2 epinephrine auto-injectors, the only treatment for severe reactions.

Mustard allergy is uncommon but it is possible that's the trigger. Keep in mind it could be an ingredient in the mustard, such as sesame.

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I’ve not got epinephrine injectors as I’ve not yet officially been tested.

I’m getting nervous to eat in case a severe reaction does occur at this point