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My asthma and allergies story

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Hello there, I am a new member here and found this site intriguing. I am almost twenty years old and have been dealing with a few, impactful issues for the past years. Let me start off like this... at the age of around eleven or twelve, I remember accidentally eating an item that contained an allergen of mine: peanuts. I had to go to the hospital as my throat was closing and since then, I have been dealing with constant one sided neck swelling issues due to all of the other allergens that I am allergic to as well. However, allergy medications nor other things did not help with my issue. Years go by and the issue was not much of an issue as I did not deal with much allergy issues until this summer. I was at my mother's fiancee's condo and went outside for a walk. As I was walking around. I found a sum of stray looking, friendly, cats and decided to approach them. I was having a great time touching them, but I did not expect myself to have undergone what I underwent. An hour or so goes by and I am inside my mother's car, starting to feel very anxious. My throat was starting to close and I felt my lungs undergo a severe amount of inflammation that was spreading downwards in my body. My mom called 911 and I sat there on the concrete ground, continuing to panic as I thought that I was going to die. The ambulance came and luckily the paramedic was able to inject me right when my inflammation started to flutter as they gave me a benedryl shot. The next day came and although the benedryl shot helped a bit with my neck swelling, it did not help with the chronic inflammation radiating on my back and the chest pain that I felt every time I gave a deep inhalation. I went to the doctors the next day and he prescribed me inhalers as I guess it was my asthma flaring up and also went to an allergist who prescribed me the Breo Elipta to control my allergic asthma. My allergist diagnosed that I have severe allergies to dogs, cats, mold, pollen. grass, dust (everything environmental basically) and issued that I get allergy shots and carry an epi pen. I have not started the allergy shots due to school and transportation issues and have continued to experience one sided neck swelling and chronic back inflammation due to my asthma. What are your thoughts over this? What do you recommend for me to take or do? What is your similar experience? How have you handled having asthma or allergies? I would love to read and know. Thank you. Oh and by the way, when I mean I have severe allergies, neck swelling, and lung inflammation, I have gone to the hospital about six times without any proper medication to help fight the inflammation that my body produces.

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Allergic responses are because of an over active immune system check out the website selfhacked which has a big article on autoimmune issues apparently Tcells that have a regulatory roll - tregs - need to be increased in order to calm things down

I am having a horrible time right now bc I took this herb called rhodiola that stimulates the immune response it's hell I have come out in an awful rash things has calmed down bc I realised it was the rhodiola and I have taken low dose of ibuprofen GABA and probiotics and arginine

I recommend you read up about tregs bc this gets to the root cause of allergies

Wishing you well and hope you feel better soon

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