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This is a followup from a post that I just did recently. My health is pretty good for a 73 year old woman, no complaints really. But what I said in the recent post is that I have participated in nine clinical trials over several years. Hopefully I'm helping with new discoveries in medicine. I've done blood draws, vaccines, medications as well as testing medical equipment. I tell everyone that they should think about doing a clinical trial, you never know you could be helping someone and not even know it. And also you will be compensated for you time if they decide to use you.

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I work as a clinical trials coordinator in my local hospital and I'd like to thank you and all those who choose to take part. This is now today's research becomes tomorrow's gold standard treatment.

Ironically I set up RA trials for my own rheumatologist, but am not eligible to take part as I'm not on biologics!

Wishing you continued good health.

Ally x ☺

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