Understanding Clinical Trials
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Clinical Trial Updates coming from the annual AACR meeting

Sitting in quite a few sessions at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) over the last few days and listening to some very encouraging results. There will be plenty of press around these releases; for patients and caregivers, trial results can be as confusing as they are encouraging. For anyone who finds or keeps up with these advances, remember that trial results are often communicated in a language for regulatory approval (i.e. The FDA) and investors (i.e. Wall Street). Often they are not apples to apples comparisons from a patient view; as you consider current trials and try and interpret trial results, make sure you are discussing trial results in the context of information that contribute to finding the best treatment plan for an individual, not as a top-down list of best/next best etc... treatment options.

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Good words of advice TSharpe2! I would also add that more and more companies are providing results of their trials in lay language summaries, so that more patients and caregivers can understand the reports. Hope to keep seeing more of this practice across the industry!


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