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Post Liver and kidney transplant!


Hi my sister had a double transplant liver and kidney just over two weeks ago!

Though she has had diarrhea for nearly two weeks since the operation, and also her hemoglobin levels keep going down every three days, she has had a lot of blood transfusions during those weeks , though it still keeps going low. They advised her this happens as her body is consuming a lot if the blood, is that normals she lost a lot during surgery, though still after 2 weeks as her levels do level out then go low again ?

Also we were recently advised that during surgery she had about 10cm cut out of her intestine due to complications! Could this be why she’s having constant diarrhea for two weeks now!

So my concerns are her continued diarrhea issue and her low hemoglobin levels, after two weeks of post surgery!

Has anyone else has had these issues and is it normal post transplant. She is also still in hospital, her kidney and liver numbers are good though!

Look forward to your replies as a very concerned sister and family ! Thank you

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Hello bt72. I had a double lung transplant 17 months ago. I have not required blood transfusions at any point in my surgery or recovery, so I’m sorry, but I have no experience with this. However, the diarrhea is caused by the anti rejection meds plus the tons of other drugs that we are given. Some people adjust over time and it subsides. I have not been one of the fortunate ones, but Imodium helps make it tolerable. Hopefully her body will adjust soon.

bt72 in reply to Ldycatcoach

Thanks so much for your feedback! Great to see your doing well!

That’s so good! And my sister is worried to go to shopping malls and big crowded places, she’s worried not to pick up anything! Any advise on that?

Ldycatcoach in reply to bt72

Since my transplant was double lung, we are the most susceptible to airborne illnesses because we breathe the germs and bacteria directly into the lungs. We wear N95 - N99 masks (Amazon) anytime we are going into crowded areas. We also learn to heighten our sense of hearing - always listening for coughs and sneezes. I’ve learned to do the Walmart sidestep - if you hear coughing / sneezing, skip the aisle and come back later. By wearing the mask, people will avoid you. An entire aisle will clear for you because they think you are the sick one. I also go during the least populated hours whenever possible. It is also important to wear the mask on airplanes and when sitting among large groups of people (church, school events, movie theaters, etc) We (lung transplants) also wear our masks if we are going to be subject to dusty situations (like sitting and watching a baseball / softball game being played on a very dusty field) Always carry anti bacterial wipes for shopping carts, gas pumps and cleaning your hands after holding restaurant menus. Do not use public ink pens in Dr offices, salt / pepper shakers in restaurants, etc. Don’t shake hands with other people. It may sound overwhelming, but everything becomes second nature. I have been fortunate to only have one very short episode of rhinovirus / enterovirus in seventeen months. Be cautious and use common sense, but enjoy life.

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The image of entire row clears for you makes me smile especially at this covid19 time!

Thank you so much for your great feedback, it’s great your doing well!

I hope your sister is feeling better.