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Power to the People

Power to the People

I’ve had a lovely day to, the aims have been achieved with some help from a mum from the West Midlands Support Group who kindly gave up her Saturday to come and some raise awareness and some much needed funds for our group. Naturally it’s been a lovely experience chatting to people and letting them know what we do. So today we raised £31.50, to some that may not seem much here’s what we can get for our money.

£31.50 = 2 meetings at KVCC, that’s two afternoons where adults, kids, parents or carers can come along for a chat, make friends and of course some mutual support.

£31.50 = 1 meeting in Birmingham, see above.

£31.50 = 5 kids get into Cadbury’s world. Did you know that many kids with TS often don’t get to go out very often on days out with their families as both the child and/or the parent can feel very anxious about being in a public place? Group outing such as this offer an opportunity for the child and parents/carers to get out and do something fun whilst meeting others who can offer mutual support. Paying for the kids out of our funds also makes the day out cheap as finances can often be tight and days out difficult to budget for and ensures that hopefully none of the kids get left out.

£31.50 = several books on Tourette’s syndrome. Buying every book you can find on TS can get expensive. We’ve been over the last year or so building up a selection of interesting and useful books for group members to borrow, some of them suitable for kids to help them gain an understanding of their condition. The books are bought from usually Amazon marketplace some new, some used, some from other sources, but always the best deal I can find.

We mustn’t forget of course that putting ourselves out there, meeting new people, chatting and answering their questions of course is raising much needed awareness about Tourette’s syndrome. This awareness is PRICELESS.

Hopefully this won’t be the last time you’ll see us, we’re on the move and we’ll be found in a town near you soon.

So returning to the blog post from April 1st tourettes-action.healthunlo... this means that statement number 4 was of course true, also here’s a little retro TV theme from the 80’s to see if you can figure out what else I’ve got planned, apart from wearing a faux-fur coat and a beret.

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Brilliant and well done for raising funds for your group and much needed awareness too!


Hopefully will be off to Nuneaton, Tamworth and prehaps Leamington Spa soon. Will do a bit of sniffing around Brum tomorrow to see if I can think of anywhere else to go.Watch this space.....