Senses Working Overtime

Senses Working Overtime

Saturday morning I was gently awoken by a strange sensation, rather like a wet brillo pad on my forehead and then on my eyelid. I open my eyes reluctantly, there’s a meaty aroma and warm breath on my face. “Meow” in English this means “it’s about time you hauled your lazy butt out of bed and let me outside so I can have a poo”. I’m not a morning person so after attending to her feline needs I check the post, amongst the bills there’s an interesting survey that has been sent to me by Long John Silver (Andy, the TA research guy) . I was just a couple of days previously talking to him about some research that’s been done at Teeside University with regards to how us adult ticcers senses work sensory-processing-disorder... and how many of the things on the list apply to me. As I write this I’m wishing that I put on a different cardi as it’s making me itch. Rather annoyingly I do let these things get in the way, I rather deviously suggested that we have a night in with friends watching films on Bonfire night (avoiding those horrible noisy fireworks) – luckily my plan worked mmhhhwwaa mhhwwaa...mhhaww. (That’s supposed to be an evil laugh) I haven’t yet got rid of the phone from hell – I’m not going to give you my landline number as you evil people will call it and laugh every time I jump out of skin when it rings. That telephone’s days are numbered. The list of things that get to me in a sensual way (oo err missus) is endless, infact a poor unsuspecting “friend” nearly got thrown out the other night, I let him stay it was a long walk home for him, he had a sharp warning (sworn at – non ticcy) which gave him a nasty shock. I guess I’m used to avoiding those sensations which get to me and having everything just so. (a custard free zone). I’d rather a good curry than tradition roast dinner (yuk – boring) I’m also quite clumsy, I didn’t manage to get the hang of riding my bicycle until I was about 10, roller-skates were a complete disaster and I’m always bumping into things. I could go but it would get boring, I have almost developed a “smelly people” tic, which means it’s getting increasingly difficult to hold myself back from shouting at people who aren’t too careful about their personal hygiene.

If you are an adult ticcer and you are affected by some of the issues raised get in touch with Long John Silver (aka Andy the research guy) and ask him to send you a questionnaire.

I have been enjoying some peaceful time on my own, perfect really considering I impulsively bought a box set of “The Prisoner”, (the original with Patrick McGoohan) I’m still only about halfway though. Be seeing you.

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  • Hi Catherine

    Thanks for letting people know about the research project. Hope you found it interesting.

    Best wishes

    LJS (+ Captain Flint)

  • How do I get in contact? Is it going to make any difference if I have ASD as well as Tourettes (my sensory issues come from that a lot)

  • Just send Andrew (see above your reply) a message and he'll be in touch....