In my last blog I mentioned that I was being referred to a psychiatrist about my Tourettes which I was NOT happy about. Apparently the doctor was having a bad day because a letter came yesterday telling me I had an appointment with a NEUROLOGIST!!! I'm slightly happier about this because at least a neurologist will have heard of Tourettes.

Other things aren't going too well at the moment. My bunny rabbit Jenifer (pictured) has got another infection in her upper airways. She's living in the shed at the moment feeling very sorry for herself. Just when I thought things were bad enough I caught a blooming infection too. Strep throat apparently. Always on the right side... So I am lying around acting as if I am dying of flu (I swear I should have been born a man!).

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  • I shouldn't worry to much about the neurologist/psychiatrist situation as I was refered by a psychiatrist who I was mistakenly refered to by a neurologist, in fact it seems to be that my current psychiatrist is fairly well clued up on TS so I think it's really the luck of the draw and you should be ok as long as you keep the goal of being ulitamely refered to one of the TS specialists in mind.

    I hope you and your rabbit get better soon. Vet's bills are so expensive Pete would like another russian blue cat but one cat is enough at the moment. :)

  • Well you have my sympathy. Im pretty fed up with the lack of knowledge on Tourette's syndrome we have a good GP who is understanding of the condition. I took charlie my son aged 15 to Great Ormond street Hospital we were waiting with other people to be seen with various conditions. The Neurologist seemed to spend alot of time explaining to parents with children suffering epilepsy what and how the condition works to give them an understanding of there childrens epilepsy, but for us Touretters we were only given a minute of there time and they didnt even explain to us what the condition is. Thats presuming they even know what the condition is we as a family are veryt disapointed with the lack of knowledge and expertise in knowing about Tourette's syndrome some Doctors are good but there not all good and i find some even resnt the fact you know more about the illness than they do so for me medical profession 3 out of ten.

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