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Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Surprisingly, I had a great night last night, I was dreading my partner’s birthday as going out and about with him is becoming increasingly difficult and traumatic, it’s hard to put my finger on the reason why but his embarrassment (caused by my shouting) and me being on edge fully aware that at some time the presence of other people will trigger my louder vocal tics. This is a reality for us and coupled with a few pints between us (alcohol makes my tics worse) things can get difficult for me. Another problem I have is that I’m not particularly enamoured by fireworks, which there are always plenty of around on his birthday. There are better things I could think of doing rather than watching some explosions whist feeling cold and damp. To be honest I just feel that they are an onslaught on my senses and a big waste of money, at least the sound of the explosions covers up the sound of my clapping and vocal tics.

The evening started of in a cold, wet, muddy pub car park trying not to flinch at the sounds of the fireworks until somebody came up with the genius idea of going to see a band. (Excellent idea methinks) So off we go to see a brilliant Rolling Stones tribute band in a nice warm pub, much better! Pete’s happy, I’m happy; a good evening is had by all.

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I'd never thought about how wet and dreary firewiorks night can be and getting off top a nice warm pub with great music sounds ideal especially as you wouldn't be the only one shouting and clapping

Can't belive Pete is still embarrassed by your tics - it must be love!!¬


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