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Oooh Betty!

Oooh Betty!

For a while in my previous house I gained the nickname 'Frank Spencer'. For a long time I knew nothing of Frank Spencer or the show which he was in (some mothers do 'ave 'em) although I was aware that Michael Crawford (played the Phantom in the original cast) was in the lead role. So finally the curiosity got the better of me and with a few clicks on Amazon, it was on it's way in the post. I watched it laughing and crying because although the character and all the chaos he causes is hilarious it does rather look like some of the things I do! My step-dad won't let me touch anything in his house in case I manage to break it!

Okay so what does Frank Spencer and my horrendous clumsiness got to do with TS? Well not much really because it is mostly dyspraxia (a co-morb) however I have recently got a lot worse... So that Baclofen, it has reduced my severe and dystonic motor tics to nothing, however it has destroyed my... um... what is it?

memory, that's the one!

So anyway I went out the other day and somehow ended up on the X5 bus to St. Neots. Halfway there I suddenly went 'OH S**T why am I on the X5!?' A few people looked at me funny at this point. I'm doing a lot of strange things since the Baclofen and my memory has all but dissappeared. I am just deciding whether I can cope with the severe tics again or not. It's a difficult decision to make because physically I have never felt better... well apart from the ear, nose and throat infection... I am just so worried that one day I am going to go out and something really bad is going to happen. On the way home from St. Neots I nearly got off at Wyboston thinking I still lived there!

The other thing the Baclofen has done is that it has taken away what little hand-eye coordination I had (which wasn't much to be fair) and I am now three hundred times clumsier. I cannot open packets, write, hold things in my hand, walk in a straight line (try explaining that to police!), sit down (I miss the chair) and much more. I spend a lot of time on the floor or hurting myself. I currently don't need to wear my helmet as my head banging and smacking tics have reduced, however I should probably wear it to protect my noggin from all these accidents!

Finally, Ralph is away at the moment on his honeymoon with Lorenne at Wood Green. I miss him loads :'(

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I hope Ralph and Lorenne are having a lovely time at Wood Green and that they become good friends. x


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