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Hi im steve lincolnshire has any heard of missophonia (the hatred of sound our the four) SSSS Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome?

I am 53 yrs old and how now suffered from t/s for 42 yrs along with frequent bouts of depression/anxiety bit of ocd only since childhood i have always had this great hatred of noisy eaters gum chewers people constantly sniffing even high heels on paving slabs lots of other triggers set me of it is really a problem some days often getting of the bus because of these noises oh kids screaming!! goes straight through me i am seen at the barrberry in birmingham being diginosed in 2002 by Dr Rickards though i now see Dr A Cavana who is great! i mention this to him and i had a talk to a student who took notes to write to the medical journal to see Missophonia has ever been found or talked of t/s?

well ill stop waffling now! just thought it might be of interested

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Some of those noises annoy me, although I dislike them and would avoid them it goes about that far. The hoover, my boyfriend eating, papre scrunching, pill packets scrunching, fireworks, forks scraping on plates, there's loads of things, a neighbour's car alarm etc...


thanks for that yes i know the feeling it get that irrate i could hit some one i have to get out of the situation before i do sometimes


Particularly when he uses his knife as a fork.


Hi I was interested in your blog on 'Missophonia' & the symptoms you've had. Whilst I have never heard of this word I have heard of 'Audiophile' which sounds (pardon the pun!) similar if not the same.The person who told me about it reckoned he could pick out each individual sound in a £30,00 music system.He wears earplugs to the bar. I don't know if this sounds similar to you but I hope it is of some help to you.


missophonia has a uk site


I'm very good at identifying sounds, hence one of my favourite modules on my degree course was analysis which as the label suggests analyising pieces of music intricately. I don't need a expensive music system, I do have some nice headphones my mum bought me ages ago and I did invest in a decent amp, speakers and cd player years ago which still do a fantastic job, I'm not a fan of mp3 files/downloads, one of my pet peeves is kids on buses listening to s***y music through very small speakers or on their phones...please headphones. Even after doing music tech modues and spending time in recording studios I can like a sad geek identify how sounds were recorded. (added effects etc) bit more difficult nowadays as this is all done digitally rather than using effects and reverb units and some creativity.


With you on that one yes i dont do mp3,s and what ever also agree with the crappy music ! i have wrote a poem (like you do lol) about my missophonia in it my white noise saves me off - soul asylum-sisters of mercy-stripes of white-slipknot !


Hi Steve, I haven't heard of SSSS but am aware people on the autistic spectrum can have a real dislike to certain sounds. This isn't about just not being able to stand certain noises though is it? It's far far worse where you feel you're climbing the walls or going completely mad until the sound/noise ceases. It's an alarming experience, and can make a person feel really unwell. I have this every morning when my dog barks in the car - which is somewhat problematic as he can't help it (he's rescue and stresses). I have to muzzle him to change the level of pitch which makes it worse for him :( I literally feel my blood pressure's going through the roof and thoughts change to wanting to kill him, or run him over. I visualise strangling him. Babies screaming is another, all I want to do is strangle it to shut the noise down :( For me it's also the disturbing visuals of how I want to deal with stopping the noise. Oh well, life goes on!


Nail on the HEAD! yes i could easily close the windpipes of people eating there big macs on the bus Noisily!! run out of Sainsburys when baby screaming hence the below

Nail on the head! yes just thought i would post the below


(The hatred of sound)

Our the 4 SSSS



Chewing gum slobs

High heels on flags

Even flip flops

My worst trigger

Is noisy eaters

When on the bus

I sometimes have to get off before my stop

With there cans of special brew

And big Macs

Smacking there chops

And getting the one with verbal diarrhoea

Always Sat near

I don’t wont pills

Thought my troubles grow

As I could cheerfully

Close there windpipe

That would let them know?

Because I suffer from


Don’t you know?

Oh please just white noise


Stripes of white

Soul Asylum

And ill be all right

Sisters of mercy

They release me

Bit daft really

Cuss there very loud

But it’s my little cloud

Where the screamers at Sainsbury’s

Cannot get to me

With such a pitch

They should ear defend on the door

Because I suffer from


That’s fore sure?


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