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News From Middle Earth

News From Middle Earth

Hi Everyone,

I've just booked our next meeting, it will be on Saturday, 25th August in our secret location Birmingham City Centre, 1.30pm to 4pm and probably a tipple or few afterwards. This meeting will be for adults and older kids only as the space is quite small. If you'd like to come along please get in touch for more info.

Also I will need to confirm numbers for our table booking for the Brewery outing on the Saturday 11th Aug, the brewery tour is £7 and the meal £7 please text me to confirm and let me know if you're bringing a partner or friend. This is an event for 18's + only. I need to know final numbers by Tuesday at the very latest. my number is .....well, you'll just have to PM me to find out....

A massive thank you to everyone how came along to Plantasia on Wednesday, we had a lovely day, I slept like a log Wednesday night! Julie (Collier) took some lovely pictures I will forward them to you when I get them.

We also need to think about fund-raising, we have our "Craftics" website which has had almost 600 views but yet no sales :( , However we do need more stuff to sell, so if you have been busy crafting and would like to donate what you have made please let me know. I also have a stash of craft items that we have received via the Coventry Freegle group which Sam would have enjoyed a rummage through, I certainly did. If you have any crafty stuff at home that you think you probably won't use, let us know maybe somebody else will be inspired by it or even see what your local Freecycle group has to offer.

Also any other fund-raising opportunities will be considered, be it a sponsored something-or-other or descending on Kay at work (at Asda) and doing some bag-packing and selling craft items, that would be cool. In addition to that we could also set up a table at a local village fete or school event to sell merchandise, craft items and raise awareness. Any mad-cap idea would be considered.

In the meantime if you'd like to stay in touch we're here - on Facebook,

Here - The TA forum

and here - tourettes-action.healthunlo...

I hope to hear from you soon,

Catherine xxx

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Hey Catherine,

I would be happy to lend a hand fundraising. I could possibly help Kay at work and bag pack.

Iv'e also hand the idea of a penalty shoot-out, the only problem is getting hold of the facilities. It would be best to do something like that in a busy environment where loads of people are passing, so you have the opportunity to educate them as well as taking a shot. I wouldn't mind being in goal. I have fund-raised for World Aids Day about a year ago with a small group of friends and managed to raise about £360 within the space for 3hours at Uni. But this wasn't too hard keeping in mind we where all walking around in lingerie and bikini's. Lol. Or the Ticcing Babes Car Wash! (You get my drift) But this could potentially bring quite a bit of money in. If we get permission it could be done in a supermarket car park on a hot day or something along those lines.

Just a few ideas.......... I probably sound like I love to expose myself which is far from the truth....But when it comes to a good cause I don't mind.


I like the penalty shoot out, that would be good at a school fete or something. A friend of mine has a plan up his sleeve, I may need some help t a later date.


Okie dokie :). Just let me know