Tourettes Action



(You need to read this in a silly Japanese accent)

Doctor running up a mountain challenge.

Two doctor, they from Birmingham, they run up mountain to raise money for Tourettes Action. Which doctor reach top of mountain first, tall doctor or not so tall doctor ? Tall doctor he have long legs, but not so tall doctor he run fast and forgot socks. Who win? Place your bets now !

(Back to the regular Carmarthenshire lilt)

I have actually been up the Old Man of Conniston myself, but I took my time and on the way up ate several sandwiches, an apple, a Twix washed down with lots of water and paddled in a rather cold tarn. On my return I then rewarded myself with veggie lasagne washed down with a pint of Guinness, yum, a day well spent. Needless to say I didn’t raise any money.