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Spraying water in my face

Spraying water in my face

I'm feeling a bit better today. That might be the large coffee I drank this morning though. I am still unbelievably tired but now the tics have all returned with a vengeance! It is in all truth the worst feeling ever because I am exhausted but constantly having to move. I have had more 'sleep attacks' where I just randomly fall asleep and they are getting less controllable as I now end up sleeping wherever I go. The dropping has got more irritating as it gave me a lovely big cut on my left cheek. I would love to be able to say that it was in fact my bum cheek that had the cut as it would be hidden, however it is on my face so in plain view! How am I going to explain that at work tomorrow!?

Anyway I have a fairly funny story. Well I think it was funny even though it could have turned out worse. I kept collapsing in the shower because I couldn't stop laughing at something completely random, so I decided to sit down. I took the shower head from the wall and showered myself sat down. Suddenly the giggle fit took over again and my head fell forward against the 'glass' (I think it is plastic), I dropped my shower head and it positioned itself perfectly to spray me right in the face. Now bearing in mind that the drop attacks can go on from anything from seconds to minutes, I was sat there in the shower unable to move with water going in my mouth! Thankfully it was only a short one and I managed to get the shower head into a different position before I collapsed again because of my own antics!

In other news, I have a slight dilemma. One of my MASSIVE urges at the moment is to grab my poor unsuspecting team leader in a massive bear hug! I haven't done it... yet... nor do I hope to but I swear to GOD it is driving me slowly insane! The problem is, I have done it in the past, although I have been able to re-direct it sometimes onto an innocent lamp post or tree. Yes it does look funny a 4'10" 'kid' (or so everyone thinks!) hugging a tree or a lamp post! I physically cannot remove my arms until the tic stops as well so I can be there for a little while... long enough to draw a frustrating amount of attention! I'm starting to think I should just give in and bear hug the poor guy before it becomes an every day habit!

My appointment at the hospital got cancelled (thank goodness I gave them my mobile number!) until further notice. Normally I would be angry or upset, but this time I am relieved because it means I can go and see my Mum and Grandma at the new house. Also I am SO TIRED.

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Bear hugs are nice and not really sexual, unlike having the urge to have little feels of men's meat and two veg. Mainly P. Backside slapping, again mainly P, in the dairy aisle in Sainsbury's. "What cheese do you want? F**K OFF!" - SLAP. Poor guy. It gave his mate a suprise, he comes round and I smack him on the backside and suprise him.


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