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The Dating Game

The Dating Game

You’ll have to excuse me, I’m still feeling the after effects of the general anaesthetic from yesterday, but I though I should stick my oar in and voice my opinion on this wee matter. The first I came across it was reading the Boss’s post on the TA forum a couple of days ago, I actually spoke to her about it too and considered it for about 30 seconds and then thought maybe not. Things are a bit complex for me at the moment, I’m now in what could be defined as an open-relationship, but it hasn’t yet had the opportunity to open up. I initially thought that this programme that Suzanne was telling me about could be a bit of a giggle, meet a fit guy / complete nut-job have some fun, never see them again, I mean did any of Cilla Black’s pairings on “Blind Date” ever lead to a meaningful relationship? I mean look at those fine specimens of man hood she’s got lined up in the picture, I baggsy the one with the yellow slip-ons. I think that any of the non-disabled men that take part in this programme might have some issues, or rather they’re hoping for a novelty s**g, err, not with me mate. I like to think that I’m quite a savvy woman and a good judge of character and the vast majority of men that have the guts to come and talk to me just like to talk about my TS, not about me, some of them I doubt weather or not they have noticed that I am a woman not just some ticcing asexual creature. Something did happen the other day I Oxford that I found quite refreshing, be it in quite a sad way, when I got on the bus (with a fellow ticcer) the bus driver rather than being fixated on my tics was ogling my tits instead (he wasn’t my type) I’d almost forgotten about them.

Back to this programme, like many other TV programmes that claim to inform the general public about TS tend to concentrate on the small minority of us that have coprolalia. Whilst taking part in a discussion about this last night I pointed out that I would probably reduced down to just a load of arm waving, head jerking, swearing and random gerbils, to which somebody replied that that sound’s like “a complete oasis” yeah right, don’t you think that it gets a bit tiresome waving your arms around, jerking your head, swearing and shouting gerbils? Do you think any guy would take me seriously? Tics and gerbils aside I know in my own mind that I’m totally dateable, I scrub up ok, my figure’s ok, I have a good sense of humour, I can partake I fairly intelligent conversation and I guess I’m not to bad in the sack either. The title of the show for starters is a wrongun “The Undatables”????? That’s a tad on the insulting side for starters. I wonder also who would watch the programme, I suppose they fall into two camps, those who are up for a bit of a giggle, “let’s watch those sweary people with Tourette’s go on dates” hilarious – not. Then there are those people a bit like the “Tourette’s awareness” woman on the bus the other day, telling the lower deck on the bus about my TS “aw, one day they’ll have a cure, poor you” poor people with Tourette’s “they don’t understand what they’re saying” (?????!!!) and pat us on the head and say how lovely then balk at the thought that the date may lead to more than just a peck on the cheek.

I think if this project goes ahead that I would advise anyone taking part to approach with caution and to bear in mind that you will most likely be reduced down to the director’s favourite tics and any aspects of the sparking wit you possess or your feminine charm will be found on the cutting room floor.