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Feeling Kinda Spacey (and will dream about fit doctors)

Feeling Kinda Spacey (and will dream about fit doctors)

Please forgive me for any typos or dodgy spelling but I’m feeling somewhat spacey after spending the afternoon at Coventry & Warwickshire University Hospital (or what ever it’s now called, I’m confuddled) having a strange growth removed from my tongue. It’s now gone and my tongue feels numb and looks quite weird, a bit angular and grey. It went better than I thought, as you know I was dreading it, particularly dreading what damage any tics that might appear especially for the occasion. Surprisingly my tics are very calm, I was quite ticcy before hand and the medical staff that looked after me were lovely and tried to calm me as much as possible and I was in and out pretty quickly. One of the reasons I was worried was because when I spoke to my surgeon ( fittie #1) I told that I was worried that I might develop a tic that will do it’s best to destroy his handy work and told him what happened when I had my laparoscorsy, he said that I should expect a couple of stitches and just to come back to A&E if they came out. So off I go to the theatre, escorted by a nurse (please don’t hug me or try and guide me there, I’m ok) and met fittie #2 the assistant anaesthetist (very cute, maybe a bit cuter that fittie #1) he put me under quite quickly, maybe the eye candy helped. Luckily it all seemed pretty obvious why I was having a general anaesthetic for something quite minor and probably the safest option considering the damage that a head jerk, a clap, shoulder shrug, “F**** OFF” or “Gerbils” may cause.

Well. It’s all done and dusted now, the whole procedure made easier by the presence of a couple of lovely doctors, they’d be more than welcome to come and play with my gerbils any day.


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