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I can’t believe my luck today, no it wasn’t me who won the lottery. I’ve just come across some rather exciting news!!!! No I haven’t been offered my dream job, nor has the man of my dreams walking in through the door. Reflect back to the email I sent my MP Dan Byles, something that’s been playing on my mind both as an unemployed ticcer and from the perspective of voluntary policy officer is the Welfare Reform Bill, this week it was due to be read in the House of Lords, that basically means that it’s been through the House of Commons, the majority of the MPs have given it the go ahead and now it’s the turn of the Lords think about….but…but…hears the good news!!! It’s delayed, it’s going to be delayed until September when they return after their summer recess, the DWP say it’s because there are other more important things for the Lords to do, but with my ear to the ground methinks (and a few others to) that the Lords think that are problems with it (you don’t say!) and they have concerns. This also may be because The Disability Alliance has started legal proceedings against the Condemns with regards to the Welfare Reforms, notably taking away the mobility component of the proposed Personal Impendence Payment from people who live in residential care settings.

Soooo, this buys us some time, time to get our thinking caps on and get those placards ready, get emailing and try and get the Lords on our side. I’m getting quite excited about this.

Also if you live in the Oxfordshire area there will be a march against cuts affecting people with disabilities in Oxford on the 23rd of July, I met some great people involved with some great organisations so here are the links.

My Choice My Life,

People And Planet,

And Oxford SOS,

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