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Yay! Something my body can tolerate that seems to be beginning to work! :D

I am getting a bit of yawning and little bit of a fuzzy head - and getting some light headedness etc - but so far it seems to be reducing the tics massively!

I am still getting a fairly regular number of tics on and off, but the periods between them are a lot longer and the tics are getting less severe as the days go by at the moment!

I'm a very happy bunny! :D

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hooray! I hope it carries on like this :)


fingers crossed!

on an amusing note, I just started a job in Sterile Services at the hospital I work in. part of the job is that I need to test diathermy forceps with a high voltage testing machine and one of the staff that didn't know about the tics thought I'd electrocuted myself! (only a matter of time til I do though to be fair...)


glad it's working for you! i'm currently on 200mcg/day and the tics are difinatly reduced, however i feel like a walking zombie lol, usually have to take a few naps during the day. :( what dose are you on?


Very low at the moment, still on initial dose - I am noticing a bit of drowsiness...but it's reducing them enough at this dose so I'm going to stick with that for now and see if sticks!

Not a fan of being on meds - but it was either this or lose my job really >_<


Hmm drowsiness appears to be getting worse daily at the moment...certainly making my training for my new job role interesting. Felt completely out of it at work today...going to hit the hay early and cross my fingers that it doesn't get worse again tomorrow!


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