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MRI worries

I have been worried for a few weeks about how an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) will go as I have a foot tic that splays my toes as wide as they will go. When I am walking, driving the tic is non-existent but when I am still ie sitting in my armchair or lying down in bed the tic strikes!!! So I mentioned to the consultant about this tic and what would happen if I ticced during the scan and he said the image would be blurred!! So this got me worried. Not worried about going into the MRI machine and its deafening sounds. Just worried that I would blur the images.

Well on the day I mentioned my predicament to the radiographer and she was great. They put my foot into a splint and then wedged it firmly with loads of foam wedges to stop it from being able to move. Needless to say my foot didn't like feeling trapped and the tic tried to fight the foam padding. So I tried my relaxation breathing which helped a little. They also gave me headphones playing The Lighthouse Family cd which I hadn't heard in years but always enjoyed. This helped me relax enormously.

25 minutes later the scan was completed successfully with no movements from my foot (even though I have several urges to fight the foam.) So I got up feeling a little wobbly and a slightly aching back from lying still so long but very pleased with myself.

So if you need to have a scan than talk to your doctor, radiographer. They are more than willing to help.

Just awaiting the results now!!!


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