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Ready For The Weekend

Ready For The Weekend

Hi everyone,

I'm getting quite excited about next weekend (yipeee)first of all I get to see my little brother Pete and sister in law our Sharon, and I get to meet up with you guys!

Unfortunately due to the organisers having less space we haven't been able to get a table to sell TA items and raise awareness, so we'll just be going to hang out and enjoy the sunshine and music.

On the Friday evening Heaven 17

and Blancmange

as well as some local bands.

On Saturday Athlete will be playing

as will Lethal Bizzle

(not my thing). Plus there will be more on Sunday.

So I'm just wondering how to play this, what time do people want to meet up?

Which days to people want to come? My mind is in a spin!

Get in touch somehow, smoke signals, email, facebook, mobile, text, just get in touch and let me know.

Catherine x


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