Young MacLucy had a farm

Young MacLucy had a farm

As the title suggests, I have been making every single animal noise possible recently. Dog, cat, rabbit (yes rabbits make noise!), guinea pig, sheep, cow, pig, horse and various birds.

Talking of birds, yesterday in the sleepy town of St. Neots, we watched a daring rescue take place. A poor black headed seagull (not a curlew as the fire chief thought!) had got entangled in fishing wire on a tree which was on an island in a pond. Three fire engines turned up, about 10 firefighters came out and inflated a raft to save the poor thing. After what felt like forever, they made it across and cut the bird down, removed the wire and after checking it was healthy, set it free again (freebird springs to mind :) ).

This post is brief because I wrote out a longer version then Mildred (my Tourettes) decided to press the nice X in the corner and erased the lot >:(

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  • I whistle and I've recently started squeeking.

  • I want to compile a tourette's menagerie of animal-noise vocal tics. :P

    I've had barking, mewing, squeaking, whistling birdsong and a pterodactyl noise (obviously we don't know what pterodactyls would have sounded like, but everyone calls it a pterodactyl noise), and maybe some more I've forgotten. I also sometimes shout 'tigers' which doesn't count as an animal noise, obviously, but is still animal-related.

    Glad to hear the gull was all right. :)

    Yup, I've had my TS close windows before, though there is an add-on on firefox called 'lazarus' that saves what you've typed if the window shuts down.

  • See, now I question why I chose Chrome!

  • I do, and have done, many different noises but I've never done any TS-related animal noises but I still do great animal impressions does that mean I qualify for the chorus? Probably not!

  • What's the bit about chrome about?

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