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A Bright Idea

A Bright Idea

I had a bit of a brainwave whilst I was in the shower earlier. After seeing friends using Sound Cloud to share music, I thought maybe I should have a try so here goes; here are some of my compositions.

•Mynydd Sylen – A string quartet, written for the Bromsgrove Mixing Music festival competition in 2002, and it won! Here’s the live recording played by the Maggini Quartet.

•Serendipity 1 –Another string quartet, written for the Bromsgrove Mixing Music Festival competition 2003, guess what, it won! Here’s a recording from a performance at a later date at Coventry University.

•4 Episodes – This was originally an electro acoustic piece, for a mixed University Ensemble and the backing track. This is just the backing track; my tutor quite liked it by itself. I was listening to quite a bit of Varese at the time when I wrote this. Can’t you tell?

•I have quite a few other pieces that I wrote whilst at uni, “Permutations 3.54” which I’d love to hear live, “Dwi Ddim Wn Gwybod” a short orchestral piece, “CV5 6JU” for string quartet and film, and “Symphony No 1” for orchestra. There’s probably a couple more that I’ve forgotten about.

•My last project was writing the music for my brother and his friend, they’d been writing some comedy and put together “Al and Ned’s Balding Fringe” This was quite varied project as it involved writing a bombastic theme tune for big band (I’m not to hot at writing for big band) and using computer software – Reason.

Sorry about my ropey horn arrangements, well you live and learn. Next time I write for big band it should be a bit better. The idea came from Ronnie Hazlehurst’s music for the “Two Ronnies”. Leicester Big Band performed the big band arrangements for me. The show was a comedy show, which included a few sketches, one of which was “Ready Steady Hook” the daytime cookery show for pirates. Aaarrgghhh!

Another sketch featured Lemon Murnahan, the private detective from Llanelli, who spies on his neighbours.

Biblical aerobics, quite hard to explain.

Music to clear away props to in-between sketches.

And now ladies and gentlemen we come to the end of the show.

Now I wonder to myself “what shall I write next?”