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New meds

I finally saw doctor Cavanna (probably spelt wrong) yesterday, and had a long talk with him and a few other people (a researchy type dude and a student), and decided I'm going to try aripiprazole. Fingers crossed it will make a difference!

Feels like I've been in the wars today though...I was a state before the appointment and for a while afterwards...most of my tics seemed to be in full swing. I've really hurt the joint of my right leg, neck and back feel like ouchy and most of the rest of me feels a bit battered and bruised.

Still I feel like I've achieved something - got this new med first - I agreed to it after he explained that it reacts differently to the old anti-psychotics and shouldn't give me those horrible side effects - and if it doesn't work, there's always clonidine and another one with a very weird name containing at least one z.

Right...doing this from a car with my dongle (the only advantage to having a mobile stick as my only net connection) and am going to play a game to keep me occupied now!!

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See, I told you it would be ok. "Cavanna" probablably spelt right. I've tried aripiprozole. But see what happens. Are you back in 6 months?


Yeah, November time I a few doses of aripiprozole to try, going to start it tomorrow and see how it goes. I've got my hopes up to be honest...would be nice if it worked!!


It takes a while to kick in - give it about a month. Let us know what happens - good or bad. It should be OK.


Hmm odd, he told me it should take a week or two and has given me an increase of 5mg every week for a month O_o

Feeling helladrowsy today, but assuming that is because the last couple of days has completely exhausted me!


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